Film processing & scanning

Film processing & scanning

Development of films for all modern processes:

  • black and white - according to the classic manual process using developers D-76, Microphen, Pyrocat HDC, Rodinal
  • color negative films by the C-41 / CN-16 process
  • color negative CINEMA FILMS by ECN-II process
  • color reversal (slide) films according to the E-6 process

Supported film formats:

  • type 135 - the most common 35 mm perforated film in the cassette
  • type 120/220 - medium format film 61.5 mm wide on a spool with a paper leader
  • type 127 - a rare type of medium format film with a 4x4 cm frame 
  • sheet film formats 4x5 inches and 9x12 cm

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