• Dektol-type Developer, for 1l.

Dektol (Kodak D-72, Kodak D72) is a methol hydroquinone developer.

negative-positive developer, originally intended for processing slide photo plates and films for photo reports Kodak Panchro - Press, Super Panchro - Press and Ortho Press. It is currently commonly used for developing black and white photo papers.

It is characterized by great resources and efficiency. The working solution (stock, stock) is very well preserved. For use it is usually diluted with water in a ratio of 1 + 1 to 1 + 4. With dilution, the contrast of the developer decreases (begins to work more "softly") and increases the processing time. In 1 + 2 dilution, the nature of the work is very similar to the ST-1 developer (Chibisov developer, Standard №1)

Preservability of solutions:

"Stock" solution - up to six months or more

In diluted form (in a closed container with a minimum of air) - about 2-3 weeks

Instructions for preparing the working solution from the reagent kit are given on the package.

It is recommended to use distilled water to prepare the working solution (and dilution)

Release form A set of reagents
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Dektol-type Developer, for 1l.

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